Health Care Compact

Much has been said or wondered about the Health Care Compact.  Below are a few links that may help you educate yourself and friends on this important first step in taking back our country.

On this page you will find a map of the states showing where in the process your state is in passing the Health Care Compact.

Several Articles about the Health Care Compact:

The Health Care Compact: Fixing American Health Care, One State At A Time

States Line up to retake Control of Healthcare

Health Care Compact Website

Texans should look to compact to correct ACA

Letter: Health Care Mistake  (Please note comments on this letter do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog)

The States Revolt Against Obamacare

Finally an easy to understand Video.  This video is specifically geared towards Ohio but all one has to do is replace Ohio with their state minus the OH Healthcare Freedom Act which was a ballot initiative specifically for OH.


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