Did You Know About William Paca?

Did you know that William Paca, Maryland Declaration of Indpendepence signer, was a representative in the Lower House of the Maryland Assembly in 1771 and was good friends with Samuel Chase the first Supreme Court Justice to be impeached?  While his popularity was growing, Paca tended to work behind the scene, rather than out in the forefront.  He would become a prolific political writer of newspaper articles, letters and even wrote many of Samuel Chase’s speeches.  Sometimes, Paca could take the lead and this occurs when an act, which regulated tobacco and some government fees, expired in 1774.  The Royal Governor was going to extend the act and Paca tried, without success, to persuade him not to do it.  Paca, along with Chase, staged a protest by hanging the act at the gallows.  They waited until it was “dead” and then they placed it in a coffin and buried it under the gallows.  To celebrate the burial of this act, a schooner in the port fired several guns.  The schooner is believed to have been owned by Paca.  The rest of the day was spent celebrating what they, and the people who joined them, had done.