Quote of the Day

“The more I reflect upon the history of mankind, the more i am disposed to think that it is our duty to secure the essential rights of the people, by every precaution, for not an avenue has been left unguarded, through which oppression could possibly enter in any government without some enemy of the public peace and happiness improving the opportunity to break in upon the liberties of the people; and none have been more frequently successful in the attempt, than those who have covered their ambitious designs under the garb of a fiery zeal for religious orthodoxy.  What has happened in other countries and in other ages, may very possibly happen again in our own country, and for aught we know, before the present generation quits the stage of life. We ought to therefore in a bill of rights to secure, in the first place, by the most express stipulation, the sacred rights of conscience.”

An Old Whig, No V – first appeared in the Independent Gazette (1787) in Philadelphia. (Taken from the book The Sacred Right of Conscience)