Did You Know About John Hewes?

Did you know that none of the North Carolina Signers of the Declaration were born in North Carolina?  One such signer Joseph Hewes would move there in 1756 and became a successful merchant. During the Revolution, he was the Chairman of the Marine Committee and is considered the first Executive of the Navy.  He would nominate John Paul Jones[1] for a naval appointment and Jones becomes a first lieutenant in the new Navy. Hewes had been his friend and benefactor.  Jones never forgot Hewes and expressed his gratitude in a letter “You are the angel of my happiness; since to your friendship I owe my present enjoyments, as well as my future prospect.  You have more than any other person labored to place the instruments of success in my hands.” [2] John Paul Jones would go on to become the most decorated naval officer in the Revolution.

John Hewes passed away while serving in the Continental Congress in Philadelphia on November 10, 1779

[1] John Paul Jones’ last name was actually an alias.

[2] http://www.dsdi1776.com/signers‑by‑state/