Do You Know About Samuel Adams?


Did you know that Samuel Adams decided to pursue politics as a passion because of monetary issues involving his father’s attempt to start a land bank with other gentlemen to generate money at a time when there was not much.  Parliament shuts it down using an old obscure law, which results in the partners being responsible for the debts of the bank.  Samuel Adams Sr. has the most invested and he was charged with the most losses.  He and his son, the famous Samuel Adams,  will spend the next twenty years fighting legal battles over this event.[1]

One such occasion occurred in 1758 when the sheriff tried to auction his property and business to satisfy the old debts of the land bank which his father had started.  The sheriff put a notice in the paper, but Adams quickly responds noting that the previous sheriff had also tried to hold an auction and failed.  The prior auction was deemed “illegal and unwarrantable”.  The auction was rescheduled several times with September 29, 1757 being the last one.  Adams showed up and threatened to sue whoever trespasses on his property and also threatens a lawsuit if the auction continues.  This action prevents the sale of his property, as no one wants to be involved in a lawsuit.[2]

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