Reinstated “Mexico City Policy”

Naral Pro-Choice America makes the allegation that reinstating the Mexico City Policy is repressing woman.  Let me see we repress women because we, the American taxpayer, don’t want to pay for abortions in other countries.  My question is why should we pay for a foreigner’s abortion?  When did foreigners think it was their right to have an American funded elective procedure?

We should not be paying for an elective procedure that kills another human being at all anywhere in the world including the United States of America.  Period end of discussion.  If you think that means you’re being repressed as a woman then your priorities are wrong and you need a serious dose of reality.  Abortions are an elective procedure unless it is medically necessary which happens in only a small percentage of pregnancies. Liberal women it is time to get your priorities straight or at the very least learn basic safe sex practices including but not limited to birth control – all forms and realizing that jumping into bed with every Tom, Dick, and Harry is probably not a good idea.