Why History is So Important To Teach In Schools.

I have a habit of saving a variety of post on Facebook from reputable museums from across the country because they can and do offer information that adds additional information to my college lectures. This information can include pictures, maps, dates, facts or stories that either enhance the information I already know and enlighten me to thins I did not know.  However, every once in a while I run across a story like this which highlights the lack of historical education not only in k-12 but also in some colleges where U.S. History is not necessarily a requirement. (Most recently George Washington University)


I am not sure whoever taught this woman history isn’t cringing at this moment. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon amongst people today and is primarily the result of progressive policies started back in the late 19th/ early 20th century to change our society from an individual-based society to a group-think society. In order to change a society from within it has to be done in increments and one way is to invalidate the foundations of a country subtlety by changing the views of said foundations over time. We have seen this time and again from the Wilson era saying that said the Declaration and Constitution were only reflective of their particular time periods to the fools today who want to take down Confederate Civil War Monuments, state the Constitution is a living document or want to do away with the Electoral College.  If you want this country to remain a republic learn United States history – it is not a series of boring facts but a glorious story of us.  You will be inspired and your Americanism as Thomas Jefferson described in the Declaration will be ignited.

Above picture from http://reagancoalition.com/articles/2016/idiot-liberal-proves-she-knows-nothing-about-us-history-in-embarrassing-tweet.html