Do You Know About Robert Treat Paine?


Did you know that Robert Treat Paine was a Massachusett’s delegate to the Continental Congress that has a falling out with his son for marrying an actress?

His son, Thomas, was born on December 9, 1773, and passes on November 13, 1811.  Thomas would change his name to Robert Treat Paine Jr in 1801 after his older brother Robert had died.  He became a writer and penned the song Adams and Liberty in 1798 which became a patriotic song but unfortunately because he married an actress, he had a falling out with his father.  In those days, actors and actresses were shunned by respectable people.  The irony of this is that one of Paine’s indirect descendants is the actor Treat Williams, who started in Everwood and Heartland. Thomas’s fortunes rose and fell during his lifetime as he was a prolific gambler who drank and ran up high debts.  He would die alone in his parent’s attic.