6 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Should Not Endorse Donald Trump and I agree!

 This article originally appeared on the Resurgent and I wholeheartedly agree with it.  Senator Cruz please do not come out and endorse Donald Trump as he is not a principled conservative and has had no pivot point.  People are angry with you right now but they will get over it.  We need principled leaders of the conservative movement to stand up against the alt-right and their nationalistic populist visions which will do nothing but take us further away from the founding principles.  Our country’s foundation is crumbling and we need the true conservative movement to stay strong and have principled leaders.

6 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Should Not Endorse Donald Trump

By  |  September 22, 2016, 01:30am  |  @josh_hammer

For the first time since I was standing in the crowd inside Indianapolis’s historic Union Station on the Cruz campaign’s fateful night of May 3rd, I had the chance to see Ted Cruz last weekend.  I was in Austin for the Federalist Society’s second annual Texas statewide lawyers conference, and Cruz—whose national star first began to truly shine in Austin, when he helped transform the Texas Solicitor General’s office into the conservative litigation behemoth it is today and also lectured part-time at the University of Texas School of Law—delivered the Saturday morning keynote address.  The video of his speech is public; and, while you can only see the back of my head in the video, I was actually sitting in the front row.


I am a longtime fan of Cruz’s, and I campaigned hard for him this presidential cycle.  One of the most humbling moments of my life came this past February, when Ted gave me and a good friend of mine—as Iowa campaign trail volunteers—personal shoutouts during his nationally televised Iowa caucuses victory speech.  I was also involved with the Illinois statewide Cruz campaign leadership team, and I appeared on the Illinois ballot as a Cruz delegate candidate.

After returning to the front lines to campaign for Ted in Indiana, I later wrote a piece here outlining my thoughts for what he should say in his much-hyped speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  While I am not nearly conceited enough to think my piece played much (if any) role in what ensued, Cruz’s eventual speech in Cleveland was about as similar to what I had outlined as I could have possibly hoped it might be.  I was positively thrilled, and I wrote what is probably my most widely shared piece that I have written for this site: “Ted Cruz, Conservative Icon, Delivers Speech of His Life in Cleveland.”

After Ted finished his keynote address to the Federalist Society conference in Austin last Saturday, he hung around for a bit to chat with conference attendees.  I approached him and reminded him that he had so kindly mentioned me and my friend in his Iowa victory speech.  He seemed genuinely thankful for all the volunteer work we had done throughout the campaign.  I then thanked Ted for his genuinely principled stance in Cleveland, and mentioned how I had written “glowingly” about it for The Resurgent.  Ted told me that he remembered reading the piece, and that he was very appreciative of the kind words I had written.