Do You Know About Thomas Lynch Jr?

The South Carolina delegates to the Continental Congress were young men.  This was done because the older men were heavily involved in creating a new state government.  Upon Thomas Lynch, Jr.’s arrival in Philadelphia, he gets sick, as well, but he stays in Congress through the voting for and signing of the Declaration, then attempts to return to South Carolina, with his father.  He was the second youngest South Carolina signer being just three days’ shy of his 27th birthday when the Declaration was signed.  He leaves Congress, after the signing, and his father makes it as far as Annapolis when he passes away.  Space was actually left for his father to sign the document, between Edward Rutledge and Thomas Heyward Jr. signatures, if he regained his health.  Interestingly while in Annapolis, it appears, that Lynch Sr. lost a gold mourning ring[1] he owned, because in 2008 it appears at an antique auction.  It had been in the same family for 200 years and it was unknown how the family came into the possession of the ring.  An anonymous buyer bought the ring, for a five-figure sum, and vowed it would never leave the state of South Carolina again.  The price was not disclosed but, prior to the ring being bought, the bids were in the $20,000 range.[2]