The Modern Day Fall of Rome – America stands on precipice with Trump topping the ballot

This article originally appeared on The Hill and is written by a colleague of mine in the Tea Party movement.  She is as dismayed at our movement’s embracing of Donald Trump as I am.

By Marianne Gasiecki, Tea Party activist – 05/18/16 05:02 PM EDT

The opportunity had finally come to elect a leader who not only understands the U.S. Constitution but defends it and our sovereignty as a nation — someone who understands the limitations of our federal government, as well as the authority vested in the states; someone who knows what it means to live by the rule of law, not the rule of men; someone who understands the liberty that was given to us by our Founders in establishing this form of government.

Instead, this country has chosen a verbally abusive, vulgar narcissist, who objectifies women and insults anyone who disagrees with him.

Like the Roman Empire, America is witnessing a decline in greatness due to a lack of moral judgment; the promotion of hedonistic lifestyles and violent forms of entertainment; self-promoting, corrupt politicians; weak religious leadership; military cuts; economic stagnation; excessive debt; and an increasingly welfare-dependent state. Unfortunately, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, as well as the current Democratic candidates, offer nothing but more of the same.

On the Republican side we have a sorry representation of men: someone who takes pride in his infidelities and his ability to buy politicians and abuse the system for his own benefit — for example, using eminent domain. On the Democratic side we also have a sorry representation of a man, one who spent his life holding jobs only long enough to collect unemployment — a self-proclaimed socialist who has also abused the system and does not have enough discipline to support his own family. But we also have a sorry excuse for a woman, someone who tolerates her husband’s infidelities to further her own political career and who also abuses the system to cover her lies and inadequacies.

For seven years I have been part of a misunderstood and maligned movement, with the sole purpose of restoring this great Republic, liberty and free enterprise. For several of those more recent years, my son has asked me how I could continue to have faith in the choices of the American people. Although I have now begun to question that myself, I am not easily broken.

As a mom, I have strived to raise my two teenagers to be respectful, honest, self-reliant, productive members of society, none of which is represented in any of these candidates. On June 7, in the state of South Dakota, I will continue to fight for my children and this Republic. I will vote for civility, dignity and the rule of law.

From Marianne Gasiecki, Tea Party activist, Sioux Falls, S.D.