Tea Party – Is It Dead?

I am constantly hearing that the Tea Party is dead but I can honestly say it is not.  Many groups are still out there working and there are plenty of conservatives groups who are not necessarily affiliated with the tea party which are working on some of the same issues. The Tea Party seems dead because the nature of tis group of wonderful people across the country has changed.  It has started to really delve into the hard work of getting people elected locally, working on legislation and other issues which are not as glamorous as rallies.   Case in point, I was pleasantly pleased to get the below email from Tea Party Patriots showing what they have done this past month.  It is truly a movement that is not dead.

It was an awesome April for
Tea Party Patriots!We stood on the steps of the
Supreme Court to oppose President Obama's attempt to force a liberal majority on the Court!Our activists thanked
Senators Kelly Ayotte and Pat Toomey for ensuring the people have a voice in their next Supreme Court Justice at their state offices in New Hampshire
and Pennsylvania! "It was such an honor to meet fellow Tea Party Patriots activists in New Hampshire. Their commitment to the truth and to our
nation is extraordinary and I thank you." - David N., New Hampshire Local CoordinatorWe joined sheriffs from
border states at a conference to bring attention to the urgent need to secure our border!We recruited new Local
Coordinators and a new State Coordinator to help lead our grassroots efforts in 6 states: Illinois, Tennessee, Oregon, Arizona, Massachusetts and
Ohio. We collected over 22,000 signatures for petitions to defend the Supreme Court, impeach the IRS Commissioner and to save our Constitution!We attended the
Pennsylvania Leadership Conference to spread our message of personal and economic freedom and a debt-free future!We reached even more people
last month! Website: Over 59,000 website visits! Email: Over 11.9 million emails sent! Facebook: Over 33 million impressions! Twitter: Over 1.8
million impressions! DONATE!

In Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team