The Presidency – Not Really That Important

Erick Erickson’s article on the fight for the Presidency is dead on.  The Presidency was intended to be the second weakest branch and the judiciary the weakest branch. We have to get back to our founding principles and interpretations of the structure of government if we are going to exceed as a country. 

The Fight for the Presidency Should Not Matter So Much

By  |  April 14, 2016, 12:01am

Republicans are at each other’s throats over their Presidential nomination. Democrats are ruthlessly fighting as well. But if we all step back for a minute and take a breath, it shouldn’t be this way. The Presidency was never meant to be so powerful. But the Presidency as a powerhouse is really a proxy for an out of control Washington that has overstepped its bounds in all areas.

We have five black robed masters who have determined that they and they alone can set the boundaries of morality for 320 million people. Instead of trusting the people themselves or the duly elected representatives of the people in fifty semi-sovereign states, these five black robed masters have determined that a heterogenous nation will be homogenous sharing the same values across the fruited plan.

So naturally all sides now have a very vested interest in the election of the President who nominates our black robed, life tenured masters.

At the same time, we have a federal bureaucracy that involves itself down to the street level of small municipalities, demanding compliance with regulations set in far off Washington that are shaped by a field of lobbyists with vested financial interests for various trade groups that must justify their existence. Every public pool needs a handicapped accessible chair on the off chance that on one occasion someone might need it to get in a pool. Dish washer detergent is regulated to make it less effective in the name of the environment. The zika virus spreads and the government wants to spend millions to study it instead of spraying DDT to kill the damn mosquitos.

The President presides over this every growing bureaucracy and shapes both amounts of funding and direction of funding as well as regulatory language that can affect small shops on the fading main street of a small town as well as Fortune 500 companies.

The tax code continues to grow and become more complicated. The President can write executive orders to shape various policies with a congress that does little to combat him. Cranes and buildings rise over the nation’s capitol as more and more millionaires and billionaires take up residence there to be close to the power. Washington is having a building boom to rival third world countries with newly discovered oil reserves.

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