An Open Letter to Trump Supporters by Rebecca Hagelin

Please read this below and follow the link to continue it.  I have many good conservative friends who are being hoodwinked by Donald Trump and their own anger at the Establishment.  Please do not let that anger destroy the last remaining vestiges of this principles that this country was founded on. 

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: The Principles and Person of Ted Cruz, and the Political Realities for Donald Trump

By  |  April 3, 2016, 07:03pm

It does my heart good to see millions of Americans rising up and boldly proclaiming that we are DONE with Washington politics as usual.

To all of those who want to take America back, who want to restore the greatness of our country, and who see Donald Trump as the one who shares their rage – I get it. I understand.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the policy arena fighting both the liberals and those in the GOP whose policies are nothing more than “liberal lite”.

After eight years of Barak Obama, America is on the brink of destruction and in grave danger of no longer being that Shining City on the Hill that is a beacon of hope for the world. Basic freedoms like the ability to say what we please, to openly live out our faiths, and to raise our children as we see fit are disappearing before our very eyes. If we do not get this election right, our children and grandchildren will live under the strong fist of government and their opportunity to thrive will be diminished. Our very Constitution is in peril. Please hear me: if we do not elect someone who both understands the Constitution and has a proven record of working to restore and preserve the Bill of Rights, WE WILL LOSE THOSE RIGHTS.

And without first having the protections that the Constitution provides each of us as citizens, America can never be great again.

We can build a wall as high as you want and renegotiate all the trade agreements you can dream of, but if we do not get the Supreme Court right, while simultaneously slicing and dicing government agencies, programs, and departments in order to restore the limited government the Constitution portrays, we will each become a person of servitude to a corrupt and stifling system.

Ted Cruz has spent his entire adult life fighting to restore the Constitution. He has argued nine cases before the United States Supreme Court. He has fought for the First Amendment, The Second Amendment, The Tenth Amendment and more as both a Senator and a Constitutional expert. He has always been pro-life and has successfully fought to protect the right to life as well as parental rights. A lifetime of studying the Constitution and American history developed Ted Cruz’s thinking and approach to governing, and provides the basis for his public policy prescriptions. The Constitution is Ted Cruz’s compass, his North Star.

Please understand this: The public policy prescriptions that will make America great again are all rooted in the Constitution. This is why Ted Cruz’s proposals will work: they are all fundamentally grounded in Constitutional principles.

The Constitution plays no such role in the person of Donald Trump. I’m not criticizing him for it; as a businessman and entrepreneur, Donald Trump chose to place his focus elsewhere. And that’s fine. But it is going to take more than a businessman to turn the nation around. We need more than good intentions. What we must have at this critical juncture is a president who understands that he is going to war in Washington for the document and principles that made America great in the first place; someone who does not have to be taught that it is the Constitution itself that provides the map for how to make America great again.

A simple overview as well as detailed plans of Ted Cruz’s policies can be found on Yes, I know it became a joke during the debates when candidates extolled their websites. But please do your homework and read exactly how Ted Cruz will restore your rights, your opportunity to prosper. He knows how to create jobs, restore freedom, and make America secure.

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