Trump and Missteps

(Disclaimer – I am a Senator Cruz supporter and those who have read this blog aware of my position on the candidates)

Donald Trump’s latest misstep is a huge one.  I don’t in anyway believe that he wants to see woman punished for having an abortion.  I don’t think that was his intention at all when he answered.  However, his follow up responses have hurt him just as much as the initial answer.  He should have stuck with his follow up answer and not deviated from it in additional interviews.  Unfortunately, he did not offer an apology for his answer which is why the story continues to make waves.  This is a severe problem for Mr. Trump.  His inability to apologize when he screws up is emblematic of President Barack Obama.  Mr. Trump has to learn to put his ego aside and apologize for stupid stuff like this to make it a non-issue.  The media falls all over him anyway so what will it hurt. I for one would be more willing to support him should he be the nominee if he showed a little more humility when a mistake happens.  In addition, he needs to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for his unintelligent remarks.  I know he can be humble, I have seen his interviews regarding his family – now he needs to show it in other ways.

Trump claims abortion remarks taken out of context, but admits ‘it could be that I misspoke’

Donald Trump weighs in on meeting with the RNC

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump claimed Thursday night that his controversial remarks about punishing women who have abortions were taken out of context.

The latest furor to surround Trump’s campaign began when he told Matthews there should be “some form of punishment” for women who get abortions if the procedure is outlawed, later adding that what the punishment would be would have to be determined.

The real estate mogul claimed to “O’Reilly Factor” guest host Eric Bolling that MSNBC, which broadcast the Wisconsin town hall during which Trump made the remarks, had edited out parts of the discussion with commentator Chris Matthews.

“This was a long, convoluted question,” Trump said. “This was a long discussion and they just cut it out.”

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