Primary Results Analysis

Well another primary night is in the can and no there were no real surprises last night on the republican side.

Utah – Overwhelmingly went for Ted Cruz who by all accounts (Trump) is totally un-electable.  I guess that he is not so unelectable.  Trump then goes on to say well all the caucus states are over with and Cruz doesn’t stand a chance.  Well except for all the states that Cruz came in 2nd place would have been won by Cruz had it not been for candidates who should have dropped out long ago.  So I am not holding my breath that this is the last state Cruz will win especially since more and more of the GOP establishment and non establishment are seeing Trump for who he is – a bully.

Arizona – No surprise that Trump won there as it carries most of the demographic that he does well with – older voters.  Also his stances on immigration appeal to a wide range of people but his stances on immigration are not much different from Ted Cruz. Mr. Trump has run a populist but also a blunt campaign and that is working well for him. However as well as he did in Arizona, we have to look at the overall picture – how many people voted early when others were in the race on teh republican side adn if there was no early voting, how well would Mr. Trump have done if there had been no early voting.  This is true of all the candidates not just Mr. Trump and is a great reason why early voting laws need to be done away with.  There is no real good reason other than sickness for people not to be able to get out on election day and vote.  The only people who should be eligible for early voting is the military and American assigned to government positions overseas.  All others need to show up at the polls.

Now for the ad featuring Mr. Trump’s wife Melania.  Completely inappropriate and unnecessary and Mr. Trump saying he was going to go after Senator Cruz’s wife is just as inappropriate and unacceptable. Melania was a model and was doing her job – it is not a reflection on her character.  It was a job pure and simple.  By all accounts she seems to be a lovely and classy woman who would be a much better First Lady that the embarrassment we have in the White House at the moment. Also lets be clear this was a Super Pac which put out the ad not the Cruz campaign so for Mr. Trump to go after the Senator is ridiculous.  I can’t imagine in a million years that Senator Cruz would okay such an ad and I don’t believe the Super Pac coordinated with the Cruz campaign on such an ad especially since it was totally unnecessary.  Mr. Trump needs to go after the Super Pac not the candidate.

Thankfully we will have a slow down in primaries over the next couple of weeks and can take a little bit of a breather. Until next time….

Oh good grief I forgot to mention Kasich – there I mentioned him.