Back From A Break

Hello Everyone!  I have been on a little bit of a break from the blog due to my daughter’s spring break as well as finishing up my final assignment for  my master’s degree. My final assignment was accepted and I will graduate in June.  It is a very exciting time for me with regard to finishing the requirements for my degree.  Spring break was boring but fun at times mostly because I spent it with my daughter and we were able to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather in Texas.

However, the election was never far from my mind so here are a few thoughts on last weeks Super Tuesday results:

It is not surprising that Donald Trump won every state because of the divided ticket that Republicans are being presented with as well as the many Democrats which are crossing over to vote in the Republican primaries. Congratulation to his wins.

Thankfully Marco Rubio dropped out of the race.  He had no path forward and it was clear he was not going to win in Florida.  He really should have dropped out sooner – maybe some of those other states could have gone for a real conservative instead of Trump on Super Tuesday Part II.

While it is great Marco Rubio dropped out, the same cannot be said for John Kasich who seems embolden by his little win in OH. Give me a break.  It is the only state he has won and it is clear he is angling for the VP slot on the final ticket no matter who is at the top of the ticket.  Also no matter how much he says he does not want to be the VP that’s what he is angling for and we all know it.  John Kasich is the embodiment of a politician who turned his back on his base and will bold face lie to get what he wants.  It’s really sad what he has became (establishment) especially since he had been a solid conservative for so long.

Tomorrow is another big election day and we will just have to see what happens now that Rubio is out of the race.  On a side note, Rubio really should come out and endorse Senator Cruz who is the only one left in the race with a real chance to beat Donald Trump.  He should endorse if he truly thinks Donald Trump is unqualified.