Kasich: Jobs creator – Yeah Rights

Governor Kasich is touting his job creation in Ohio and the low unemployment rate that Ohio is currently experiencing.  But here is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.

In 2008 when Governor Strickland (yes that one who supports Nambla) was serving the unemployment rate was 5.7% and the labor force totaled just under 5, 945,000 people with 336,467 unemployed.  Not a bad unemployment rate considering it was only 9 months before the financial meltdown that happened. It could have been better and had been in previous years.  Now fast forward to January 2016.  The unemployment rate is 4.7% – impressive and the amount of people unemployed in the state of Ohio is about 279,000 – again very impressive.  It certainly looks like Governor Kasich is a jobs creator.  Except that Ohio’s total labor force in January of 2016 was 5,722,000.  So there was actually a net loss of 223,000 people who left the state of Ohio because there was no real job opportunity and they have not come back.

So as I see it Governor Kasich is not a jobs creator because there is less labor force in Ohio now than in 2008 when one of the worst Governors in Ohio history was in office.  I would call him a jobs creator if the total unemployed in OH was against a 2008 total labor force number.  Its not and proves that Kasich is not a jobs creator.  If Kasich really wants to tout job creation he should be doing something other than driving companies out of Ohio as well as betraying the conservatives that won him the election with Medicaid expansion and Common Core. Both are disastrous for Ohio and for the country.

But it doesn’t end there with Kasich – word came out today that he would support amnesty for those who broke the law by entering the country illegally.  Those same illegal people are the ones who are taking jobs away from Americans.  So much for being a jobs creator.

Kasich and Amnesty