Debate Analysis – Not Happening

Unfortunately there will be no in depth debate analysis from me for last nights debate.  While I have seen footage and it appears the candidates were very civil during this debate, I happily watched the final 3 episodes of Mad Men.  And I am glad I did.  I needed a mini-break from politics even if it was only for a night.

So I will offer analysis after the next primary election dates.  Hopefully by then Kasich and Rubio will have figured out that there is no path forward to the nomination for their respective campaigns and drop out.  Even if there is a good run for Kasich in Ohio, I hope the two candidates who are ultimately remaining do not choose him as a Vice President running mate.  I could not in good conscious support a ticket in which Kasich appeared on it after he betrayed Ohio Conservatives with his support of Common Core and embracing of Obamacare with Medicaid expansion. (No matter who is at the top of the ticket)

BTW – I was extremely disappointed in the ending of Mad Men and their handling of Don Draper’s story line.  Just a sad ending for a great character.