March 8th Primary Results – #RubioHasToGo

As is evidence by my headline, it is time for Rubio to drop out of this race.  There is no way mathematically he can continue on and become the party nominee.  Last nights results prove that beyond a doubt.  He finished 3rd or fourth in all four primary contest with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz finishing either first or second.  John Kasich and his happy go lucky shtick needs to go as well.  He use to be a conservative but what happened to him is anyone’s guess.

Ted Cruz won Idaho and came in 2nd in every other primary last night.  Other than Mississippi, had Rubio and Kasich not been in Cruz would have won hands down.  I say other than Mississippi because even with them out it is too close to presume who would have won that contest.

Thanks Rubio and Kasich – you and you alone are going to saddle us with Donald Trump because your so tight with the establishment that hates Cruz almost as much as they hate Trump.  Both of you would rather see the party and the country implode than put your egos aside for the good of the country.

Election Results:

Hawaii: Donald Trump 42.4%, Ted Cruz 32.7%, Marco Rubio 13.1% and John Kasich 10.6%

Michigan: Donald Trump 36.5%, Ted Cruz 24.9%, John Kasich 24.3% and Marco Rubio 9.3%

Mississippi: Donald Trump 47.3%, Ted Cruz 36.3%  John Kasich 8.8% and Marco Rubio 5.1%

Idaho: Ted Cruz 45.4% Donald Trump 28.1% Marco Rubio 15.9% and John Kasich 7.4%

I think the results of this election and previous primary contest this year prove that the only person who can beat Donald Trump is Ted Cruz.  Kasich and Rubio need to step aside so we do not have a contested convention and continue to look like fools.  Even Donald Trump states they need to get out and let himself and Senator Cruz fight it out.  #MarcoHasToGo and #KasichNeedsToGo have to become hashtags all over twitter.