South Carolina Primary Results

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I am very busy finishing up the last little  bits of my master’s project.  Don’t ask – it should have been done a long time ago but due to unforeseen circumstances it is just now close to being finalized.   OK on to the results…

Donald Trump:  Not much of a surprise he won as he was ahead in all of the polls.  The shocking thing was him winning most of the evangelical vote in the northern part of the state that should have gone to Ted Cruz.  Either those folks did not turn out or they like others are just sick of politicians.  I have no idea.  Mr. Trump’s victory speech was very good and a big turn around from his disastrous debate performance.  That performance turned me off but not completely.

Marco Rubio:  Disappointing 2nd place finish as it was not strong at all.  With endorsements from the governor, a popular senator and an equally popular congressman, he should have had a strong 2nd place finish and been much closer to Donald Trump.  I think that speaks volumes to his so called electibility.  Rubio has major problems as a freshman senator who has spent most of his adult life being a politician and the disastrous Gang of 8 bill.  With Rubio Amnesty is certain.

Ted Cruz:  Really surprising finish just 2 tenths of a percent behind Rubio.  Those endorsements helped Rubio to a small degree and I believe had Rubio not gotten them, Cruz would have finished stronger.  Late deciders were breaking between Rubio and Cruz with Cruz having a slight edge.  Cruz is far more accomplished than Rubio not matter how much Rubio pontificates on his foreign policy experience on a committee. I wish he had done better but we have 47 more states to go people.  Don’t let three states dictate who our choice for President will be.

Now the bottom three:

Jeb Bush:  Dropped out as the results were coming in and this is the right move. Unfortunately, he never gained traction.  It was for a variety of reasons – being the nice guy to Trump for too long, the Bush name and just not being forceful enough in debates among other things.  It will be interesting to see who he throws his support behind. It certainly won’t be Trump.  I have my doubts it will be Rubio and Jeb is staunchly part of the establishment so I am wondering if he will throw his support behind Cruz.  If he throws his support to Cruz that would be a good option and he may end up a VP contender which would enhance any ticket.

Ben Carson: Needs to drop out especially after a last place finish.  Nothing else needs to be said

John Kasich: I will never vote for him and will vote third party. He betrayed Ohio conservatives with Medicaid Expansion and Common Core.  He is a liar about job creation – in Ohio there is no real net gain of jobs as job levels only recovered to pre-recession  levels. Along with him shoving religion down our throats and the goofy happy go luck act he is putting on he is a non starter for me.

I think once more candidates drop out, we will begin to see a two man race between Cruz and Rubio.  Right now it is a three man race but Trump’s wins show he has a ceiling between 30 and 35%.  He is not going to go higher than that at this point.  Of course the electorate is fickle at the moment and tired of the political speak.  They want someone who loves this country and speaks plainly to them.  I do think that Cruz is better position for that even with all his debating skills and education.  However, Cruz is currently a politician and this could be a hindrance to his campaign especially since he is not the all American popular guy that Rubio pretends to be.  Cruz is serious about restoring the country to greatness and constitutional principles.  Plus Robert Reich gave a stirring endorsement when he was condemning him for being a principled Constitutionalist.