Millennials embracing Socialism

This is an interesting article by Emily Elkins and Joy Pullmann on why socialism is in vogue with the millennials and it all comes down to an inherent ignorance in the meaning and functions of socialism.  Most millennials think it is the government helping citizens through the “social safety net” but this is not a good mindset to be in because it is not the job of government to make sure you live a comfortable life. What the majority of millennials do not understand is that socialism is the government ownership of business and when they get out in the real world and discover this, I believe they will quickly discard the notions that socialism is a generous “social safety net” for the people.  The truth will hit them in the pocketbook and in their quality of life.  Below the link to the article is a video that I enjoy showing to younger people to teach the principles of socialism in a simple and easy to understand manner.  I have posted this video several times and it is worth posting again.

Since when did socialism become en vogue? It seems like only a few years ago being called a socialist in American politics was an insult. Today, however, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—a self-avowed socialist—is quickly rising in the polls, and millennials are largely driving his support.

The Iowa caucus entrance poll found Sanders garnered an overwhelming 84 percent of the 30 and under vote. Exit polls from New Hampshire found 85 percent support for Sanders among voters ages 30 and younger. What is going on?

Millennials are simply not that alarmed by the idea of socialism. For instance, a national Reason-Rupe survey found that 53 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds view socialism favorably, compared to only a quarter of Americans over 55. A more recent January YouGov survey found that 43 percent of respondents younger than 30 viewed socialism favorably, compared to 32 percent thinking favorably of capitalism.

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