Saturday’s Republican Debate

As usual, I am a day late and a dollar short when it comes to debate coverage.  I generally like to digest what was said and look at the news coverage before writing my posts to see if I am way off in my analyst.  Of course I will be because of my views on Donald Trump but that is ok.


Ted Cruz: I have him in the winner’s column for going after both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.  When Rubio stupidly asked how Senator Cruz could have known what he said in the Spanish interview on immigration since Senator Cruz doesn’t speak Spanish would have been more impact if Senator Cruz had not responded in Spanish.  By responding in Spanish, he made Senator Rubio look like the robotic fool he seems to be.  As for his interactions with Donald Trump, he came out looking like the adult whereas Mr. Trump looked like a petulant child.  His closing statement and demeanor were of the substance and character that is needed to be president. In addition, his strong statement on what kind of Supreme Court Justice we need as a country was fantastic.  Donald Trump going after him because he ultimately support John Roberts the last time around was ridiculous because outside of the two Obamacare decisions, Chief Justice Roberts has been extremely conservative in his opinions.

Jeb Bush:  I’m listing Jeb as a winner because he came out swinging against Trump and was the  most forceful that I have seen him in a debate to date.  Trump is continually going after Governor Bush on things that the Governor has no control over.  New Flash Mr. Trump – there were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq that has already been proven and in addition when the troops first arrive after the fall of Baghdad they were told by the Iraqis to not bath in the Tigress River because there was mustard gas in it.  Mustard Gas is illegal and is a weapon of mass destruction.  Also, just because the World Trade Center was attacked in September of 2001 barely a year into President Bush’s term doesn’t mean it is his fault.  In fact, the blame needs to be laid squarely on the shoulders of Bill Clinton who when he had the chance to kill Osama bin Laden, he failed to give the order. Enough wit that stupidity and I am glad Governor Bush called him out on that as well as eminent domain again.


Marco Rubio:  On immigration he has no credibility and during the exchange with Senator Cruz over that he misrepresented the facts on the amendments that Senator Cruz offered.  I get that each candidate wants to make himself look good but to flat out lie about a senate maneuver that he has probably used is disingenuous and shows he lacks credibility as a candidate.  The second time Senator Rubio looked like an absolute fool when he alleged Senator Cruz could not understand Spanish.  That completely backfired when Senator Cruz answered in Spanish.  Maybe Senator Rubio needs to brush up on his facts before opening his mouth.

Donald Trump is by far the biggest loser of the debate because of his childish behavior.  He single handily ruined the debate and caused it to devolve into a school yard fight at times. He needs to stop attacking family members using immature and unproven arguments such as no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq (lie they were found) and blaming George W. Bush for the towers falling down.  That type of rhetoric is ignorant and beneath the dignity off the office of the President.  As someone who at least appreciated the fact that he forced the other candidate to talk about the issues important to the people, I am sorely disappointed that he hasn’t grown in substance and still uses schoolyard bully tactics towards other candidates.  Mr. Trump is an extremely smart and capable man who can still be plain spoken without being a rude bully.

The others…

John “God told me to do it” Kasich needs to stop with the happy go luck shtick.  Please pack up your bags and go home.  I will never support him after the Medicaid expansion in Ohio and his support of Common Core.  If he is the candidate, I will vote 3rd party no questions asked.

Dr. Ben Carson:  I really like him but also believe it is time to suspend his campaign. There is no real path forward and I believe his time would be better spend supporting a different candidate so that we do not end up with Mr. Trump.

On to the South Carolina Primary and the next debate.  Hopefully I won’t be as tardy blogging as I was this time.