Mind Your Own Business Until You Know The Full Story

I can relate to this article in more ways than one.  The author is spot on and I especially love this paragraph:

So, Black Helicopter Mom, if somehow you end up reading this, stop and think about the possible consequences of your behavior. You hover around, safe in your anonymity, but you could conceivably do real damage to a family, and you’ve already done real damage to the sense of community at our school.

Black Helicopter Parents Use The Police To Enforce Their Parenting Style

Why just worry about your own kids’ every move when you can anonymously ‘look out’ for others and call government force and community fear to your aid?


 You’ve no doubt experienced or read about the horrors of “helicopter parenting,” with overprotective mommies and daddies hovering over little Junior’s every move to save him from every conceivable peril. But prepare yourself for the newest evolution of this unfortunate trend.

I’m calling it “black helicopter parenting.” Take one part overprotective coddling cocoon-mom, one part suburban liberal worry-wart, one part nosy neighbor, and combine it with the unseen omnipresent eye of our do-it-yourself smartphone surveillance state, and presto: black helicopter parenting. Why just worry about your own kids’ every move when you can anonymously “look out” for others?

On to the Story

Here’s what happened. I was driving two of my darling moppets to school at Something Something School of the Suburbs. As so often is the case, eight-year-old “Pumpkin” was assailing seven-year-old “Princess.” (Names have been changed to protect the guilty.) Princess was shrieking, as usual. Despite daddy’s pleas for about ten minutes, neither would cool it.

So, given the break of a long red light, I shouted “STOP IT!” and reached back to deliver what should have been a sound smack to the hands of young assailing Pumpkin. It didn’t quite make it, as he’s a quick one. But they settled down and started yammering about something else.

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