First Principles matched to Bill of Rights

This afternoon I was reading the Glenn Beck article  and really liked how he laid out first principles in comparison to the Bill of Rights.  Please see below.

Practice Your Faith — First Amendment
• Question the Government — First Amendment
• Right to Protect Your Family — Second Amendment
• Right to Protect Your Property — Fourth Amendment
• Right to Privacy — Fourth Amendment
• No Torturing People — Eighth Amendment
• Everything Else — Ninth & Tenth Amendments

This is a very basic way to learn and understand the Bill of Rights and is a wonderful tool to use to teach your children what the Bill of Rights means.  I would also add to the First Amendment ones – a press which is free from partisan control; unfortunately that has become a pipe dream.  As well I would add to it – the fifth amendment: the right to not be targeted by the government unjustly.  While my additions are not principles per say, I do believe that can be added to what Glenn defined as a way to impress upon children the importance of our Bill of Rights.