New Hampshire GOP Debate Nail-biter or bore?

So once again I watched the GOP debate on ABC news last night and was pleasantly surprised to see the Governors (except for John “God told me to do it” Kasich) do exceptionally well last night.  I once again have to disclose that I did not start watching the debate until around 9pm central time due to my current living situation.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Governors were doing.

Chris Christie:  He was on fire last night especially with his attacks on Marco Rubio.  Finally someone called Senator Rubio our for his canned and rehearsed answers.  To be fair Senator Rubio is right about Obama – the  man knows what he is doing and is succeeding at implementing his Marxist/Socialist vision for the country.  But Senator Rubio did not need to repeat the same canned answer over and over again.  We get it!  Score: Chris Christie – excellent comebacks to Rubio.  Whether this will help Governor Christie in the long run is anyone’s guess but he needs to reveal in this win for now.

Marco Rubio: First off see above.  Second, I don’t know what it is about this guy but to me he is the moderate conservative version of  Barack Obama.  Except I see him swing to the center and leaving conservatives in the dust.  Why?  One answer: Gang of 8 amnesty.  For most of the debate that I watch, Senator Rubio was not doing well until his answer on why he is Pro-life which was a fantastic answer and squarely called out Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party.  Unfortunately this was the only real good answer that the Senator gave which was not canned and heartfelt.  His overall performance for this debate was lackluster, impassioned, canned and not what should be expected of a first tier candidate.

Donald Trump:  What can I say?  He just does his own thing but he was off his game last night.  A little lackluster, subdued and definitely not the bombastic character we have come to both love and despise except with the whole shushing Governor Bush like he was a child.  Ridiculous behavior and completely unnecessary.  His answer on eminent domain which Governor Bush effectively attacked him on was both telling but honest.  Eminent domain was intended to be used only as a basis for public use.  He did and does support the taking of pricate land for commercial interest which is outside the scope of eminent domain and Governor Bush attacking him was on spot.  In addition, his swipe at Ted Cruz at the end was uncalled for and showed a lack of sportsmanlike conduct which unfortunately in this race has been a given for Mr. Trump.   It was not his best performance to date.

Governor Bush: Definitely a winner in this debate as he showed passion and fight especially when going up against Donald Trump.   Unfortunately it may be too late for this election season.  He still has the name which is dragging him down as no one is interested in dynasties which for Governor Bush is unfortunate because he was an excellent governor.  But for myself he is a no go because of his support of Common Core.

Governor Kasich – Please just go home and let someone else run for Governor of Ohio.  You are a liar when it comes to Medicaid expansion as the legislature did not want it and fought against you tooth and nail.  No they were not doing it because they wanted to save their election chances, they fought against you because you were wrong and circumventing the legislature.  You were wrong then and your still wrong.

Dr. Carson: Good opening but lackluster at the end.  Some of the comments that have been directed towards him are stupid.  Comments about him being awake are childish and outside of the scope of good political debate or analysis.  While I don’t think he is ready for the presidency I think he needs to seriously be looked at for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Senator Ted Cruz: He certainly put the moderator in her place on the Korean Nuclear question she posed.  He did well, she did poor. Good for Marco Rubio for coming to his defense and saying Senator Cruz is right in his analysis.  (Please Kasich go away….)  On the Heroin epidemic Cruz did excellent.  His answer was spot on and enforcing our laws is the key to stopping a lot of this drug trade as well as stopping the epidemic of illegals coming in here who take advantage of our countries. He is among the winners of the debate for showing his soft side but still being on point during the debate.

Overall an interesting night with the Governors doing better over all (except John “I’m as good as Jesus” Kasich) but Ted Cruz was solid as usual and deserves to be up there with the Governors.

On the the primaries and the next debate….