Carly Fiorina and the Debates

I had seen a few bylines about Carly Fiorina being absent from the upcoming GOP debate on ABC news but had not read in depth about hte issue until this morning.  Erick Erickson’s commentary over a the Resurgent is spot on.

To say that Mrs. Fiorina must be on the stage when she has not met the requirements set by the news organization is tad amount to sexual discrimination towards the other candidates who also failed to meet the requirements.  It is giving Mrs. Fiorina special treatment because she is a woman.  As a woman, I find it reprehensible that people are calling for this type of special treatment.  It is inappropriate to do so.

Mrs. Fiorina needs to run a better campaign if she wants to participate in a debate and I can’t imagine that someone who has worked as hard as she did to become as successful as she did would be comfortable with this type of affirmative action.  Lets call a spade a spade this is nothing more than a call for affirmative action based on her sex rather than a successful campaign.

Since she has not produced a successful presidential campaign and her standing in the polls has generally been in the low single digits, she needs to pack up and go home rather than continue to campaign for an office which she has no chance of obtaining at this time.