Iowa Caucuses

Last night Iowans decided who they want as candidates for President and the winners were Ted Cruz for the GOP and finally today it was decided that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat choice.  Of course, Hillary’s win is predicated on a coil toss in 6 counties which ironically Hillary won all of those – a feat which is statistically impossible by the way.  As well there are missing votes on the Democrats side – which should hardly be seen as a surprise especially with the overall desperation Democrats must feel with the surging candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Democrat drama aside, the Iowa caucuses experienced recorded turnout with Ted Cruz (disclaimer: I support) winning with 28% of the vote, Donald Trump coming in with 24% of the vote and Marco Rubio with 23% of the vote.  What I find interesting is the fawning over Marco Rubio’s strong showing in Iowa by the media who are acting like he was the real winner of the night.  News flash media, the race was always going to be between Senators Cruz and Rubio until Donald Trump inserted himself into the process and now it is an exciting 3-way race. Cruz and Rubio represent two slightly different forms of conservatism and Trump represents the wild card who holds the other two accountable by forcing the candidates to talk about the issues that are important to the American people.  Eventually, one of the three will have to drop out but hopefully not too soon as this election appears to be reviving civic participation in a way that the 2008 election didn’t.  This time, participation is based on actual issues that are dear to people rather than a popularity contest based on the cool kid.  There will be some who disagree with  me because of Trump’s celebrity status, however, that celebrity status is enhancing the issues rather than diminishing them.

In my opinion, all the other GOP candidates with the exception of Bush and Rand Paul need to drop out.  Thankfully former Governor Mike Huckabee saw the writing on the wall and dropped out of the race last night – I wish others would see the light as well.  Carson has no chance even though he is an exceptional human being with a profound love of country but he is too soft in a time where we need strong leadership.  Christie, Bush, Santorum and Kasich are all part of the establishment and have no real chance at this point because of the anger people have with the establishment. On another note don’t get me started about Kasich – he may have been a conservative at one time but his embrace of expanded Medicare and Common Core has lost him his conservative card.  Carly Fiorina also needs to drop out because frankly she turned me off by even acknowledging Trumps tacky comments.  Ignoring them would have been better and made her look less like a feminist and more like a successful woman. She lost my female support almost immediately after I started to think that she might be viable.  Bush and Paul need to stay in for a while longer because it adds some variety to the mix but the writing appears to be on the wall for both candidates.  Bush is a truly successful governor but he has the Common Core baggage to deal with as well as the dynasty issues that come with being the son and brother of former presidents.  Paul, unfortunately, is a bit too libertarian at the moment to go the distance especially with the issue of Islamic extremism being on the forefront of most people’s minds but should he beat the odds and succeed in his campaign, he will be vastly superior to anyone on the Democrat side.  In addition, he has the baggage of the Paulbots of his father’s previous campaigns.

That’s my take on the election now on to New Hampshire and the SEC primaries!