Common Core Results in OH

The below is an excellent short post from Freedomworks about the harm that Common Core has done to Ohio schools.  The only thing that surprises me is that in 2010 Ohio was ranked 5th in the country for schools.  I am curious where they got that statistic because as a parent of someone who was in the Ohio public school system I found it to be terrible and teaching to the slowest child unless a child was a fantastic test taker and could be put in the advanced classes. Definitely in 2010, I could see a further denigration of the school system in OH when they began to adopt a new type of math that was the precursor to Common Core.  The excuse for the new math methods was that poor kids could not do regular math like better off kids – an ill conceived and idiotic statement by a teacher to someone who had lived in poverty until the age of 16 and managed to pass regular math.  The fact that Ohio’s ranking drops nearly 20 points is not a surprise nor is it a surprise that those states that did not implement Common Core are ranked higher than Ohio.

Six years after ranking fifth in the nation, Ohio’s public education system has fallen to 23rd. The annual Quality Counts report by Education Week includes indicators such as test scores, education finance, and graduation rates to determine a score out of 100. The best state in each category receives 100, and all other states are graded relative to that state. Ohio received a score of 74.9, a C.

What is most interesting about this drastic decline is the year Ohio was ranked fifth, 2010, is the same year the state went on to adopt the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Furthermore, five of the eight states that have either rejected or not fully implemented Common Core scored above Ohio in the 2016 report. Two of those states, Minnesota and Virginia, are in the top 12. This simple fact suggests the education systems in nonconforming states outperform those who have been plagued by federal influence.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative began when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…

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