Ohio GOP Ignores Grassroots Again

A few days ago we posted a press release from Cleveland Tea Party Patriots on this very issue.  I am not surprised to see the Ohio GOP endorsing a candidate and themselves, except for those who disagree with party leadership, as this was done in the 2010 election in the then 16th district.  Party Chairman in the then 16th district chose to endorse during the primaries rather than let the voters choose.  Ohio GOP has a long history of picking winners who, like Congressman Jim Renacci, are nothing but party hacks who will do anything the leadership tells them. If they are not party hacks with deep pockets them they are those who diligently “waited” their turn while at the same time feeding from the trough of the state party leaders.  Those who “wait” their turn are not always the best candidate but are favored over those individuals who would better serve the interest of the public.  Obviously the Ohio GOP can’t have that as it would weaken their power and ability to control a representative.

Ironically the Ohio GOP endorsed John Kasich for president during primary season by breaking their own rules which forbid them to endorse anyone who is not an incumbent.  John Kasich is head of one of five states listed with the greatest exodus of people because of economic conditions such as taxation and regulation along with an unfavorable jobs market.  If this doesn’t show the republican base of Ohio the sheer incompetence of their party leaders, I am not sure what will.

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