Culturally Insensitive Food – A Major Problem for College Students

I recently came across an article in the New York Post concerning culturally insensitive food at Oberlin College.  Apparently this was newsworthy because it was Lena Dunham’s alma mater:


Seriously??  This is the most important issue facing the campus and student well being.  For goodness sake, it is college the food is not suppose to be gourmet and your not going to Oberlin for the food.  A student attends Oberlin for the education or at least that is what I thought attending college was all about.  Apparently at my advanced age (40ish)  I am completely ignorant of what is important to students.  Forget jobs, the economy, national security, the country’s fiscal health or the protection of our constitutional rights, the way food is cooked is more important and if it is not cooked correctly, its time to protest.

So I am calling on all students at Oberlin to protest and continue to make yourselves look foolish and irrelevant.  For me, I’ll just continue to be old and out of touch concerning myself with issues that really matter….


One thought on “Culturally Insensitive Food – A Major Problem for College Students

  1. I saw on TV recently where a group of reporters went on the Yale campus and passed a petition to abolish the first amendment to the constitution. They got 50 signatures almost immediately and people were thanking them for circulating the petition.

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