Acton Alert – Issue 3 in Ohio

Excellent article by Cleveland Tea Party Patriots on the background of those involved in getting Issue 3 passed in Ohio.  Unless Ohians want another fiscal debacle like gambling, I suggest voters in Ohio vote no on this issue.

Responsible Ohio, Progress Ohio & Ex- Ohio Democratic Party Staffer Deploy Double Super Secret Twitter Ninja’s to pass Marijuana Monopoly in Ohio

A lot has been written on why voters should vote no on the Responsible Ohio’s Issue 3 Marijuana Monopoly in the upcoming November election.

Be it for religious reasons, medical disagreements, protecting the Ohio Constitution from being used as a tool to create monopolies, they all present very good reasons to vote no on Issue 3.

The purpose of this post is to clear the room from the cloud of the weed smoke that hangs over Ohio and expose who is really behind Responsible Ohio (Issue 3) and Ian James, the driving force of wanting the green dollars from this “green” initiative.

The below video, put together by Citizens Against Responsible Ohio, is from leaked emails and leaked audio of a conference call on April 13th, 2015 between Responsible Ohio, the Democrat aligned Progress Ohio former Ohio Democrat party officials and Don McTigue – a long time go to attorney for the Ohio Democrats.

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