Today’s big story is how Donald Trump allegedly made a derogatory comment towards Megyn Kelly of Fox News because he did not like the way she acted during the Fox debate this past week.  Here is his entire comment specifically aimed at Megyn Kelly at about the 3:00 to 3:30 minute range:

If you listen to the entire interview this is not an angry man, it is a man giving his opinion and there is nothing smart alack or sexist about his opinion.  Many people use the phrase “Blood Coming Out of ….” whatever to describe anger.  Heck even Glenn Beck has said he has had blood shooting out of his eyes and every other orifice on his body when he has been angry about something.  I, as a woman, have used the terminology when I was angry about an issue and not once did someone say to me why are you being hormonal or why are you talking about a menstrual cycle.  Not once, never… 

As a woman I did not take offense to this comment by Donald Trump because I am a reasonable and intelligent individual with some common sense who can tell that the comment was not a jab at hormones/menstrual cycle/women whatever. It was a phrase used by many people in this country to describe what they felt is anger exuding from another person. Carly Fiorina jumped on the bandwagon but is she really offended or did she jump on it for political gain.  I would say the later and that is a shame because she was impressing me until that moment.  Now – forget it!  She is done in my book.  If you are that sensitive over a silly commonly used phrase then you don’t deserve to be president.

As for Megyn Kelly, I like her.  I disagree with Mr. Trump in that I don’t think she is a lightweight journalist.  I think she is a good journalist and a smart, tough lady.  With that being said, I do think she has over the last six months gotten a little big for her britches. She is not the same Megyn Kelly who was on the afternoon show and then who first started the 9pm show on Fox.  The new Megyn seems to be a little full of herself.  Doesn’t mean I won’t stop watching her or won’t listen to what she has to say but it does mean that I can have an opinion.  My opinion was that during the debate she was full of herself.  I much preferred to watch Chris Wallace or Brett Bair ask the questions.  This was the GOP Debate not the Megyn Kelly show and unfortunately the debate came across as the Megyn Kelly show in many ways.  Mr. Trump was not the only candidate to get stupid questions from her.  Governor Walker got a ridiculous question about abortion and former Governor Huckabee kept receiving the majority of the religious based questions.  Just silly.

This evening I asked my mother in law what she thought about the statement and her reaction was – Well he thought she was angry. Why? Then I told her what people like Erick Erickson of and Carly Fiorina were saying.  She wondered how they got there from that simple statement which in her opinion was not offensive.  I wonder the same thing.

So, the moral of the story is if your going to get offended and make something out of nothing then you are making yourself look like a deviant and just plain stupid so grow up!