First GOP Debate

Last night’s GOP debate was fantastic. All the candidates had a chance to shine and show who they really were. Some stumbled, some rose above it and others surprised the viewers. I think many were expecting Mr. Trump to come out swinging and knocking people down and he really did neither. He answered the questions in an arena that he is completely unfamiliar with as best as he could. He was genuine and himself. He offered no real specifics but the whole end game with him is to get issues out there, force politicians to talk about them, offer substantive plans and excite the American public. Period – for me there is nothing else. There is no grand scheme to get Hillary elected or some other Democrat that all the talking heads are screaming about. Hillary is crashing and burning on her own, Mr. Trump knows this and he doesn’t back losers. Period end of story. That being said why is he so popular with people? Why is he leading the polls? Two reasons – #1 he is a celebrity and a successful rich one to boot. #2 He is a fighter. No matter what you say about him, there is no question he likes a good fight and the people are desperate to have a fighter in office instead of an apologist. Which is what was so disappointing last night – the fight seemed to have fizzled and I am not sure if it was nerves or what. But his punches were few and far between, he was better in the first half than the last half although I appreciated his explanation on how he evolved over time from liberal to “conservative”. News flash people – individuals can evolved even if they had been lifelong liberal Democrats. Sometimes it takes seeing your country go down into flames to awake those intellectual and philosophical changes but it can happen.

Up until 2000, I was a liberal not a hard core liberal but I was a liberal who believed in some government programs (though I felt welfare was out of control), believed in abortion (side note: I did not believe in it as a means of birth control) and believed in some of the false progressive narratives out there all while be a Constitutionalist. Around 2000, I began to change and change swiftly especially with Al Gore as the Democratic nominee. Prior to that I had voted Democrat from the time I was 18 and even in 2000 I didn’t vote a straight republican ticket. Quelle Horreur… By 2004 I was working in the Republican office as a volunteer and volunteering on the Bush campaign and then by 2009 was a tea party leader and a strong conservative who did and still does believe in the Constitution and limited government. So what changed me? Probably not the same things that allegedly have brought Trump around to being a “conservative” but life happened, jobs happened, family happened, seeing how degraded the school systems had become happened among a myriad of other things. Why do I bring this particular line of thought up – because even 70 year old bloviating men can have a change of heart within a couple of years just as much as a young 27 year old woman could. So grow up people – lots can change in a person’s life in a few years.

Glenn Beck said he was a loser last night – mind you to be fair Glenn was saying whether each candidate was a loser or winner of the debate and was not being specifically derogatory towards Mr. Trump although anyone who listens to Glenn knows he cannot stand Mr. Trump. That fine and I have no problem with him having that opinion. But I don’t think he was the loser that many are making him out to be. He is a man you have to listen to very carefully to realize what he is saying because he doesn’t use sound bites. So he did have some good things to say and my advice to him would be continue to be yourself but practice debating so that you can have clear concise answers without sounding prepared. I would suggest he watch old debates of Ted Cruz as Mr. Cruz is clear concise and to me doesn’t sound rehearsed
But let me be very clear while I am not going to slam Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump is not the candidate I support. I am and will be until he either leaves the race or wins the Presidency (and beyond) a Ted Cruz supporter this election cycle. By the way I will continue to support him as the Senator from Texas as well. I like what he has to say, I like that he is a fighter and he can be politically incorrect in a polite way unlike Mr. Trump. I like that his answers are to the point and he has and continues to show a willingness to fight. His closing statement was brilliant and I honestly could not make up my mind who had a better closing statement – Cruz or Carson.

Which brings me to Dr. Carson. Glenn was neutral with regards to Dr. Carson. He did not call him either a winner or a loser and claimed he did not give really good answers until the last two. I wholeheartedly disagree. He gave one of the best answers on how he would handle the military – let them do their job. His duty as President was to give the military their mission. That is what the military wants to hear – they do not want to be micromanaged by civilian leadership. They want their mission, they wants to execute it within the boundaries of wartime operating procedures without being so ham stringed that they cannot complete the mission in a manner satisfactory to the expectations of the American people. Besides this answer, of the limited questions he did get I saw him stumble only once. He did a great job and raised his profile considerably. People talk about on the job training with this man but I have a feeling he will walk into the Oval Office more prepared than Barack Obama could have every thought of being, more prepared than Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat candidate.
I’m not going to waste my time analyzing Senator Rubio. He lost me a long time ago with his amnesty support and more recently with his tax raising plan. He is one of the candidates that if he is the nominee, I will vote third party. The other candidates that fall into this category for me are Governor John Kasich, Governor Chris Christie, Governor Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. I just don’t care for Governor Christie, Governor Kasich lost all his fiscal conservative credentials by going around the people and their elected representatives to expand Medicaid because basically God would favor him in heaven. Sorry that is a kooky coo answer. Not to mention he is in favor of Common Core when his state is staunchly anti-common core. Governor Huckabee is a social progressive and Senator Santorum is part of the establishment problem and many of us are sick of the establishment. (Hmm another reason why MR. Trump is doing well).

Senator Paul like Senator Cruz is a fighter. He is someone I could support but not my first choice. He like y Carson, Rubio and Cruz did not get a whole lot of questions. I loved his stance on the Bill of Rights with regards to the NSA. His retort to Chris Christie could have been better by adding in that in the past we used actual on the ground intelligence and noted that many wars from the Revolution to the 20th century were successfully fought without spying on every American. Washington and the Culper Spy ring was hugely successful because they spied on the British who were the enemies and other loyalist not the patriots hoping they may find a traitor among them. This story was be repeated in every wa4 in America until the 21st century. We spied and followed those who were the problem not every American citizen in the country.

Scott Walker didn’t wow me but he didn’t make me not like him either. He acknowledged he was an average guy doing what he thought needed to be done. I like that about him – humble to a point. That works well. I am pleased with his work against the unions, disappointed to learn about his low economic numbers for Wisconsin but pleasantly surprised that he could defend them and tell where the state had come from in such a short time period. He is one that I want to learn more about but probably won’t change my support at this time but someone who if my guy doesn’t get the nomination and he does, I could seriously support.

Jeb Bush – nonstarter here. First off the establishment wants him, second he threw his brother under the bus with a stupid gotcha question on whether or not knowing what we know now would he had gone into Iraq. That is a stupid question because it doesn’t matter what we know now – we did not know it then and he should have defended his brother 100%. By the way SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD CHEMICAL WEAPONS AS BRIAN BLOOM OF NBC REPORTED THAT THE LOCAL BAGHDAD RESIDENTS TOLD THE MARINES NOT TO SWIM OR BATH IN THE TIGRESS RIVER BECAUSE IT WAS FULL OF MUSTARD GAS. Ugh…. can we please stop this false narrative that there were no chemical weapons in Iraq they have since been found and the locals were telling the Marines that Saddam had them and some were in the river at the time. If Bush is willing to throw his own brother under the bus and not stand up and say I cannot answer that question because it is nothing but a Monday Quarterback question then why in the heck should I support him??? Please tell me. In addition, his answer on Common Core was incoherent and ridiculous. He is a big proponent of Common Core period end of story. Another one who would cause me to vote 3rd party if he is the nominee.

So from the first debate everyone is saying Carly Fiorina did such a great job. I have to tell you I did not watch the debate but I listened to it on the radio. I had a much different reaction than I think those who actually watched it did. I thought she was good but felt Governor Jindal and Perry hit it out of the ball park. To be completely honest I did not hear the first part of their debate. I caught the last 30 minutes of it. I can say that on radio the winner was not Fiorina but Perry and Jindal with Jindal having an edge. Both of their last questions and closing comments were excellent. Now when I saw a clip of Fiorina on TV, I was favorable impressed but I can’t say that she won the first debate because I just didn’t see it on TV. That was a debate where seeing versus hearing it probably made the difference. I do want to hear more from the candidates in the earlier debate and feel they should have been on stage with the other candidates last night.

Folks, it’s still a long way to go and anyone could be the nominee but for the country’s sake please let the nominee be anyone but Kasich, Huckabee, Rubio, Santorum, Jeb Bush or Christie….