New Ingenious Security Alarm

I love this business owner and his innovative thinking.  From the Blaze:

Business Owner Had Been Broken Into Several Times. Then, He Setup This Unorthodox Security System

Jul. 10, 2015 9:46pm Oliver Darcy

A Mississippi owner used to have problems with people breaking into his business — but that all stopped when he installed his unorthodox “shotgun security” system.


Joe McCoy, owner of a convenience store in Clarke County, told WDAM-TV about how he has customized the alarm at his business.

“I tie a string to the two front doors and other places, big strings so people can see it and the string goes to a pulley that goes to a trigger on a shotgun,” he said.



Previously, the small business owner said he had “been broken into seven times.” Since installing his intimidating security system, that number has fallen to zero.

“Every afternoon when I close I put it up, take it down when I get here in the morning. Since I put the shotgun up, I haven’t had any break-ins,” McCoy told WDAM.


McCoy’s security system, which has been in place for some time now, attracted attention online this week after photos of it were posted to community-website Reddit.

McCoy told WDAM he had one message for thieves.

“Come when I’m open, when I can take your money, not you take mine,” he said.

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