Cruz Announces Presidential Campaign

This is a speech well worth watching.  He does it without a telepromotor and it is a truly hopeful look at America’s future and incorporating the past.  This is the speech of a true leader!

Now for all you birthers – the problem with Obama was not where he was born.  He gained American citizenship because of his mother who was an American citizen.  The problem is his stupidity regarding releasing his birth certificate and the fact that he was a citizen of Indonesia at one point.  In order to be a citizen of Indonesia and attend a Madrassa, you give up any other country’s citizenship.  He then attend school here in this country as a foreign student but of course it is hard to prove this because he refuses unlike other presidents to release his college transcripts.  However, his initial eligibility to run was satisfied when he was born of an American mother.  So stop with the birther stuff.  It made you look stupid with Obama and will make you look stupid with Cruz!