Ohio Joins Lawsuit – Crickets

From the AP –

AUSTIN, Texas —

Three more states have joined a Texas-led multistate coalition suing over the Obama administration’s recently announced executive actions on immigration.

The addition of Arizona, Florida and Ohio brings to 20 the number of states fighting the order in a federal district court in Brownsville.

Yet not a word from Governor Kasich on joining the lawsuit.  Nothing except cricket sounds.  This is an extremely hot topic that appeals to many people across the country and across ethnic lines – yes there are even Latinos who are against the President’s action but we never hear about them.  Don’t believe me – well just ask the ones who came over here legally and they will tell you.

Yet Governor Kasich says nothing and there is no press release from his office heralding Ohio for joining this lawsuit.  Could it be because he is in agreement with Obama issuing this executive action.  No that couldn’t possibly be true, a  “conservative” Republican governor of an important swing state who talks fiscal responsibility and following the law siding with the President and illegals who has little to no regard for the law. Well I hate to break it to all of you but Kasich believes in this executive order.  As recently as November of 2014 during the annual Republican Governors Meeting he said, “I’m open to it, I will tell you that.” when talking about citizenship for illegals.

I guess we now know why Kasich did not announce joining this lawsuit against Obama’s executive order granting de facto amnesty. Kasich just showed himself to be more interested in the outcome of elections that the people of Ohio who follow the laws.