Illegals on the Road

Investigators: Loophole Allows Illegal Immigrants to Get License Plates

Updated: Monday, November 17, 2014 | Elizabeth Faugl
 COLUMBUS (Tom Sussi) — They’re out there on the roads: illegal immigrants behind the wheel without a driver’s license or insurance; and somehow they’re able to get plates and tags for their vehicles.

“My name is Onyx Henry,” she told the police dispatcher. “I was the victim of a hit and run, and I am currently sitting at the location where the car that hit me, where they are.”

ABC 6/FOX 28 looking at the red pickup truck Onyx Henry says ignored a red light at the intersection of Hague Avenue and the I-70 West exit ramp. “He hit my front driver’s side bumper,” Henry recalled. The Camry’s front end was crushed.

Henry didn’t get a good look at the driver’s face, only that a man was behind the wheel. What she did see would prove to be significant. “I got his license plate number,” she said.

Henry filed a report May 15 with the Columbus Police Department. It was ABC 6/FOX 28 Investigators though who, a month later, led CPD to the truck.

What investigators learned about the man who owned this pickup sparked a three-month investigation.

Illegals are illegally getting plates and tags for their vehicles.

To get plates and tags in Ohio, you need a driver’s license, a state identification card, or social security number. To register a commercial vehicle, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will accept any form of identification. You also need a federal tax ID number, which you can get online. Produce a business name and address and you’re all set.

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