Fast Tracking Pay Raises While Ignoring HCC and Common Core Bills

The Ohio House & OH Senate are fast tracking a bill (HB 661) through the House & Senate Committee hearings to give themselves a yearly “Cost of Living” increase.

But they REFUSE to vote on the Health Care Compact (HB 227) and Repealing Common Core in Ohio (HB 597)

Please call your OH House Representative & State Senator now! (800)282-0253

Ask them how they can vote on a cost of living increase for themselves, when they are not even doing their job by putting the Health Care Compact& Repeal Common Core bill (HB 227 & HB 597) up for a vote?

OH House & OH Senate – (800)282-0253
This is nothing but political theater folks as Kasich has already made it clear he will veto any bill with pay increases.  For several reasons Kasich does not want any pay increases.  For one – with the national spotlight on him, he does not want to sign a bill giving out raises, the second reason is many of the union contracts will be coming up for negotiations next year.  In a move back to the right for posturing purposes, it is Kasich’s intent to stand strong next year against union contracts.  Giving out raises now, undermines this effort.
The reason why this is political theater in the House & Senate is because that is just what it is.  Without getting into  who is on who’s side – this is what you are seeing….
The pay raises are more for county administrators, judges, etc…. My understanding is that it has been about 8-10 years since these positions have been given any pay increases.  When the legislators go home in their districts – they have to deal with many of these locally elected officials.
The House will pass one version, while the Senate passes another version, there will not be enough time before the session ends for a conference committee to reconcile the conflicting bills so the bills will die once the session ends. This gives both the Senate & House members the ability to tell the local elected officials they voted for their pay increases and each side will blame the other for passing different bills to close to the end of the session to properly reconcile them.
In the end – they look good for the elected officials in their districts and Kasich doesn’t get a bill he does not want to look bad in signing. Its politics as usual folks!
(Part of this commentary came from CTPP leader Ralph King)