Cleveland Tea Party Calls for Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neil To Step Down

From Cleveland Tea Party Patriots:

With the complete election day failures of the Democrats in Ohio thanks to soon to be outgoing Ohio Democrat Party (ODP) Chairman Chris Redfern & his anchor of a candidate for Governor, Ed FitzGerald, that helped bring the whole statewide ticket down, the battle lines are being drawn for control of the Ohio Democrats.

Showing the establishment Democrats & the establishment Republicans are equally sleazy when it comes to backroom deals and rigging the process, Senator Sherrod Brown’s recent endorsement of his lobbyist friend Denny Wojtanowski as next ODP Chair was immediately squashed.
But this post is not to revel in the inner-party fighting of the Democrats in Ohio.
This post is to serve the purpose of calling for Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neil to immediately step down from the Ohio Supreme Court.
While every citizen, elected official & party activist has the right to voice their opinion – judges and judicial candidates are bound by the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct.
Recently weighing in on the inner-party fight of the Ohio Democrat Party, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neil, a Democrat, posted the following rants over the last several days….