Univision Reporter Gets Schooled on Racism

Thanks to Cleveland TPP for sharing this on their Facebook page and kudos to the gentlemen in the video for schooling this reporter on racism.  Far to many times, journalist and others resort to the tired old adage of racism to explain why someone is against an issue. While I cannot say no one in this country is against immigration because I am sure there are folks who don’t want anyone to come in this country, I can say for certain that most people in this country are fine with immigration.  What we are against is illegal immigration which is the migration of people across our borders who do not obey the laws of our country which include not obtaining the correct documents and coming through the checkpoints in a legal manner but sneaking across our border and then living off of our services while claiming some hardship.  That my friends is breaking the law and becoming a parasite on the host which does nothing but break the host down and harms everyone in the end.