Support the USA FREEDOM Act

Below is a message from Freedomworks regarding Senate Bill 2685 and in the next section is an article from Electronic Frontier Foundation outlining the good and bad of this legislation. Please both sections and then make an education phone call to your representative.

Freedomworks message:

Right now, the government is reportedly spying on all of your private communications. And not enough of your elected representatives are working to protect you from Obama’s spies.

Thankfully, Senator Leahy introduced the USA FREEDOM Act (S.2685) to stop Obama’s spying. Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are cosponsoring the bill because they recognize it protects basic American freedoms outlined in the Fourth Amendment.


The Constitution is clear: American citizens have the right to be protected against searches and seizures from the government. Bureaucrats shouldn’t be able to monitor your emails or phone calls without a warrant. It’s that simple.

Your senators need to know that you value your privacy. They need to know that your rights are non-negotiable, and that we will fight for them.

Tell your senators to support the USA FREEDOM Act. We need to protect our privacy now.


From Electronic Frontier Foundation:


Understanding the New USA FREEDOM Act: Questions, Concerns, and EFF’s Decision to Support the Bill

 Ever since the Snowden revelations, honest (and some dishonest) efforts have been made in Congress to try to scale back at least some of the NSA’s spying.  It’s a complex problem, since the NSA has overstepped reasonable bounds in so many different directions and there is intense secrecy surrounding the NSA’s activities and legal analysis.

The bill with the best chance to make some positive change currently is the Senate version of USA FREEDOM Act, a new piece of legislation with an older name.

After extensive analysis and internal discussion, EFF has decided to support this bill. But given the complexities involved, we wanted to lay out our thinking in more detail for our friends and allies.

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Senate Bill 2685