Dead Wrong on the Immigration Problem

George Will is dead wrong on this issue even though his heart is in the right place.  Most of the people crossing over the border are not 8 year old children with teddy bears and their whole lives ahead of them.  A majority of illegals coming through our southern border are not looking to assimilate like the the generations that Emma Lazarus wrote about and we see this on a daily basis when we go into stores that have signs in dual languages and schools that offer English as a second language courses throughout K-12.  Previous generations of immigrants did not experience that and they managed to learn our language, adopt our culture and prosper without any government assistance.

In addition, it is not the responsibility of the United States to clean up another country by alleviating their economic hardships and violence. It is ultimately up to the people of that country to do that type of governmental and cultural reorganization. We can help with trade agreements (notice I said trade agreements not Free Trade Agreements) that can encourage economic production without harming the economic production of our own country. As far as the drug situation goes, we as Americans are free to take drugs and make the choice to commit a crime when doing so.  When we are caught then we are punished but continuing on with the idea that we can stop illegal immigration by stopping drug use in America is nonsense as drugs can be obtain from any part of the world. When an individual chooses to commit a crime whether it be murder, robbery or drugs they are going to do whatever they can to reach their ultimate goal. If you want Americans to stop taking drugs then start making schools challenging and interesting – quit with the new way to teach nonsense and tell them to sit down shut up and learn, start enforcing the border laws so that young people can have an opportunity to get a job and learn  what hard work is all about and most of all stop electing politicians who do nothing but give handouts and ignore the laws to the detriment of Americans. It is time to start thinking about our country first instead of always putting us last.