Big News in Ohioans’ Efforts to Repeal Common Core

Alert from Mansfield Tea Party Patriots:

Ignoring the pleas of Ohio citizens, HB 237 continues to be stalled in the Education Committee.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and thankfully Representative Thompson and Speaker Pro Tempore Huffman have the will.

Yesterday, Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Huffman outlined a path to prioritize legislation he has jointly sponsored with Representative Andy Thompson, that will advance and expedite Ohio’s Common Core repeal effort.

This legislation will be assigned to the Rules and Reference Committee under the direction of Chairman Huffman, with sponsor and first round of supporting testimony planned for August 12th (mark your calendar). Click Here to Read More  and Click Here to Read the Press Release from Ohioans Against Common Core.


What Can You Do?
What can you do to help win the battle to repeal Common Core?

1)  Call your State Rep and Senator.  Make sure they are on board in the fight to repeal Common Core in its entirety.  Tell them you expect them to publicly declare their position prior to the November election.

Click Here for your Rep’s contact information

Click Here for your Senator’s contact information

2) Who is your precinct committeeman?  Six County Republican Parties have already signed resolutions denouncing Common Core – Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, Washington, Greene, Guernsey.  Has yours?

The Richland County Republican Central Committee will be proposing a similar resolution this Thursday evening, the 31st.  Call your precinct committeeman and ask him/her to support the resolution.  Don’t know who your committeeman is?  Call the Richland County Board of Elections and find out (419) 774-5530

3)  Postcard Campaign  If you attended last week’s Common Core theater event, you received a yellow postcard.  Mail that card to Governor Kasich.  Tell him “No Repeal =  No Vote in November”.  You can also print more postcards and flyers at

4)  Lastly, contact teachers and tell them that we need them to band together and speak out for the sake of our children – their students.  Ask them to phone, email, send postcards, etc., to Governor Kasich and their Reps and Senators.  Don’t let CC supporters continue to claim that teachers “love” Common Core, and that no one has issues with it.

No one is opposed to higher standards.  What we are opposed to is the nationalizing of our education, crony capitalism at the expense of our children and the collection and sale of data on our children.