Southern Border Needs our Help – Action Alert

From our friends at Medina Tea Party Patriots:

As you know, Governor Rick Perry is deploying 1,000 National Guard troops to the southern border. While that is a good start, it is simply not enough.

The patriots in Texas are asking that everyone contact Governor Perry and urge him to convene a special legislative session in attempts to pass legislation to stop the illegal border crossings. The Texas legislature, which is a part-time body, is not scheduled to be back in session until January 2015.

The reason for their call-to-action is this – the National Guard does not have the authority to arrest anyone illegally crossing the border. They are only able to turn criminals over to the Department of Public Safety and non-criminals over to the federal government. Non-criminals are then shipped to detention centers before going to sponsors in cities across the country. The National Guard refers to this process as “deter and refer.”

Please help our friends in Texas put pressure on the Governor.

Governor Perry

Phone: (512)463-2000




Important talking points:

  • First, thank the Governor’s Office for taking action in securing our borders (unlike the President).
  • Second, urge them to hold a special session.
  • Third, remind them that the non-border states are behind them in this effort 100%. President Obama has proven that he is not going to take any action in securing our borders. We need states like Texas to lead in this void of leadership.

Also, Arizona Patriots have requested our help. They have developed a “Stand Up Arizona” petition and want to have thousand of signatures from people across the US. Their goal is to send Governor Jan Brewer and the state legislature a message to stand up, stand firm and fight!

(Thank you Cleveland Tea Party Patriots for alerting us to these two items.)


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