Trust a Wizard – Nope…

Peggy Joseph  back in 2008 said she wasn’t going to have to worry about her mortgage or gas anymore now that Obama was on the case.  Well those of us who were politically educated knew this was utter nonsense and showed the lack of common sense among those people who ultimately become low information voters and saddle those of us who are informed with substandard leaders.

However, Ms. Joseph has since come to her senses and readily admits she was a low information voter and since then has studied up on politics which has produced some rather shocking sentiments from some who just 6 years ago though Obama would take care of her mortgage and gas prices.  She now realizes that the President wasn’t going to make things easier for her and what would make things easier was hard work which she continues to do in her job as a nurse.  In addition it seems that she is now realizing that the Presidents’ policies are actually harmful because it has gotten more difficult to pay that mortgage and gas prices are outrageous.  Better late than never and hopefully there are more Obama worshipers out there that are realizing this.