Ideology – Getting to the root of the problem

Below is an excellent video that points out the hypocrisy of political correctness and making a pointed statement about who heads the peaceful Muslim groups in the US.  While the young lady asks a legitimate question, even she cannot name the head of the peaceful Muslims because there is none.  Hence why all Muslims get lumped into the same category as the radical Muslims who wants to destroy western civilization.

If peaceful Muslims want to stop being lumped into the same category as the radicals then they need to stand up to the radicals, and take their countries and religion back if they live outside of the U.S.  If they live within our borders then they need to take their religion back and support our Constitutional Republic. There is no gray area here – it is only black and white.  One either stands up to radical elements or they cower in fear and we have seen throughout history what happens to societies when they cower in fear.  They are destroyed and what replaces them temporarily is usually worse that what they had to begin with.