And the Offended Crowd Wins Another Temporary Victory

Earlier today we learned that the U.S. Patent Office has just voted 2-1 to rescind 6 trademarks currently owned by the Washington Redskins. While this ruling is on hold until the appeals process is completed, everyone reading any story on this issue should be concerned and angry that this government would go to such links to stymy the ability of a private entity to make money because a few people were offended by the term Redskin. In fact it shows the continued depths of lawlessness that has come to be the hallmark of the Obama Administration.

Now I am not an American Indian nor am I related to any American Indians that I know of but I have never viewed this logo as offensive to Native American culture.  In fact as a white native American I thought it was a great way to honor the various tribes that populated this country before the arrival of Europeans. Unlike the Cleveland Indians logo of Chief Wahoo which is a caricature of an Indian,


the Washington Redskins logo is a beautiful profile picture of a strong proud Indian:

There is beauty and simplicity in this photograph which captures the essence of the strong proud male Indian of United States of America.  How in the world can this picture be offensive enough for the Washington Redskins to loose their trademarks but Chief Wahoo who is a caricature of Indians is not. It defies logic and reason and I hope and pray the Washington Redskins are victorious in appeals.

In reality what this is is nothing is nothing more than a political stunt by a desperate President who has had increasingly bad press over the last few months because of their inability to handle a politically hot story or issue in a competent way. This Administration is desperate to turn the public’s attention away from Benghazi, the IRS Scandal , Fast and Furious (in which they have been successful at)and the rescuing of a traitor – by this I mean they underestimated the public’s disdain for traitorous behavior. As usual progressive liberals like this Administration and those who find any and every little thing offensive do not realize that Americans are quickly growing tired of this nonsense.  We are not interested in what some “group” is offended by, we are interested in jobs, the economy, defending our country, and preserving our heritage among other things.

But we face another more pressing issue here and that is the demonization of private business by a desperate Administration bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic. The first step in dismantling a free republic is to demonize private property and its ownership.  By demonizing private property ownership it becomes more difficult for people to engage in an ownership economy.  Private property is what has made our country the most advanced and successful country in human history but there are those who are bent on destroying America and remaking it into the image of  every other country in the world because they believe socialism, Marxism or communism is the answer to the human condition. They continue to try and try again to remake this country and every time they fail for the  most part but each time they get some small part of their agenda enacted to the detriment of liberty and freedom for all.  Attacking private property is nothing but another pathetic attempt to turn our people away from a Constitutional Republic and continue the march towards an even stronger Administrative state.

They are slowly succeeding but we have it in our power to stop them and it starts with every one of us calling our Representatives in the House and Senate and demanding that they come out against this lawless behavior. We must take it a step further and if our Representatives and Senators will not listen to the people and repudiate this action then they must be voted out no  matter what party they belong too.  It is high time that the people of this country get involved and do their civic action or years from now our grandchildren will be asking us “Why did you let it slip away and leave us as slaves?”

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