More Budget Gimmicks for Failed Schools

From via a local tea party leader.  Is this really what we want our tax dollars to be spent on?  More failed programs that are doing nothing to teach our kids.  If these companies want public funds then they have to be open, transparent and subject to the same restrictions as public schools.  If they are truly successful then they have nothing to hid but these companies are not successful at managing charter schools and have lots to hide. Appears time to once again call your representatives and demand that this last minute amendment be removed from the budget.

Last-minute amendment gives more money to schools that produce dropouts

By Doug Livingston
Beacon Journal education writer

 A plan to give more money to Ohio’s largest producers of high school dropouts has resurfaced in a massive budget appropriations bill, which the full Ohio House could accept today.

The midterm budget bill (HB 483) includes several education provisions, one allowing dropout recovery programs run by charter schools to enroll older students who likely have dropped out of school.

These charter schools, however, have sent Ohio’s dropout rate soaring as the national rate has declined.

Dropout charter schools are privately run but publicly funded. They enrolled less than 1 percent of public students last year but accounted for roughly the same number of students who dropped out of public school districts.

The plan to divert funding to these charter schools first appeared after the House received the midterm budget bill from Gov. John Kasich. His plan gave additional money, about $5,000 per student, to two-year colleges and job-training programs.

The House, however, followed a proposal by Rep. Gerald Stebelton, R-Lancaster, to include dropout charter schools.

The Senate then removed the House’s addition. But a committee, assembled to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions, has revived Stebelton’s plan.