Common Core – New National Standards

The below article was written by Alex Newman and first appeared in the New American. Thank you to Marianne Gasiecki of Mansfield Tea Party Patriots for bring this article to our attention.

National “Science” Standards Preach Climate Hysteria, Evolution

With the Obama administration-pushed Common Core nationalization of education sparking an unprecedented backlash among parents and teachers across the political spectrum, now would seem to be an especially bad time to foist even more radical “science” standards on American schools as well. Still, that is exactly what is happening with the “Next Generation Science Standards” currently being rolled out in multiple states. Over a dozen federal agencies reportedly helped produce the deeply controversial program, which critics say represents an attempt to indoctrinate future generations.

Without strong public resistance, impressionable young children across much of America will soon be taught, among other discredited dogma, that human emissions of carbon dioxide “pollution” are responsible for “global warming.” Also high on the agenda is convincing young children that the atheistic evolution theory — believed by just 15 percent of Americans according to polls — is not only based on “science,” but is the only explanation for life. What opponents call the “brainwashing” will begin as early as kindergarten — at least if the Obama administration and its establishment allies get their way.

About a dozen state governments and Washington, D.C., have already approved the controversial new “science” standards so far, with numerous others currently considering them. Big Business and Big Labor have also expressed fervent support. “Federal agencies are committed to lifting as much of this as we can in partnership with the states,” Climate Education Interagency Working Group co-chair Frank Niepold with the U.S. Global Change Research Program was quoted as saying during a conference call promoting the radical standards.

Vice President Joe Biden recently praised a Big Business coalition (including Big Oil) for backing the national science scheme, too. Meanwhile, Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan has been openly touting his collaboration with UNESCO in producing “green citizens” in America and advancing the “sustainability movement” through “education,” which he considers a “weapon” to “change the world.”

The establishment backing for the radical plot, though, is hardly surprising. After all, the nationalized pseudo-science standards for K-12 education were produced by the same shadowy but powerful outfit responsible for Common Core. Known as Achieve, Inc., the non-profit is very well connected. Its current chairman emeritus, Louis Gerstner, Jr., for example, is a Bilderberg summit attendee and a member of the globalist, pro-Common Core Council on Foreign Relations.

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